Taxi Service in Slough 

Are you living in Slough or thinking of visiting Slough on your next business or holiday visits?
We know that booking a reliable and cost-effective local taxi in Slough without compromising your comfort can sometimes be an issue. And that’s why we have created URBBN taxi booking app to ensure you can easily book a taxi in Slough with a tab of a button.
Whether you want a taxi ride to local shops, station, airport or going for a night out, you can count on URBBN to provide you with a reliable and affordable taxi ride in Slough within minutes.

How to use URBBN taxi booking app and how it works

We do provide you with two options to book your local taxi’s. Currently, you can book your local taxi’s in Slough within our taxi booking app or through using our web booking services.
Be rest assured that with both options, we do provide you with the best possible user experience.
With just a few taps on your smartphone, the URBBN taxi booking app will provide you with a local taxi in Slough and get a taxi to your doorstep within minutes.
Our app simply saves you time by matching you with a cost-effective local slough taxi driver within your location.

URBBN - Taxi Booking App – Local Taxi in Slough - Slough Taxi

Our Web-based Taxi Booking Services

We believe that booking a local taxi in Slough should be straightforward. And because of this, we have recently launched our responsive web-based taxi booking app services with the intent to make your taxi booking experience in Slough as easy and smooth as possible.

With our web-based taxi booking app services, you don’t need to download anything. All your taxi booking experience is carried out on our website with just a few steps and your ride will be with you in minutes. Smooth and easy…

Why not book your next taxi in Slough with URBBN taxi booking app and enjoy a class of luxury.