Redefining Mobility with Taxi Booking App

URBBN is a taxi booking app that is making it possible for passengers to move across towns and cities with just a tab of a button.

We integrate the taxi booking process with service deliverability for passengers and driver by using mobile and web-based technology platform to ensure convenience, cost-effective, transparency, reliability and safe service fulfilment.

We are not just another taxi booking App Company, we are a company that believes in quality and standard.

Our priority is to provide you with the industry leading standards and ensure you get the best experience possible when you travel with us.

Moreover; when you travel/ride with us, we are committed to using technology at its best to ensure your safety by all means within our control.

We work with local community and government bodies in building the technology and systems that help to create a safer ride experience.

Currently, we are providing local taxi services in Slough, Heathrow and Windsor.

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